The Whistle Stop Coop Preschool has been so beneficial to our family.  Not only do our children enjoy the singing, crafts, stories and fun activities; they have the opportunity to interact socially and make friends with children their age in the community.  For our two older children this interaction made it so much easier to transition into kindergarten, as they already knew many of their classmates.  Also, they were familiar with how a classroom works.  This program is the only one of its kind in our area, and was highly recommended to us, as we now highly recommend it to others.

Todd and Shahna

The whistle stop preschool has been a wonderful place for our children to have their first school experiences. We have enrolled three children in the program and love that the school gives them a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow. Our kids always looked forward to their “school days”. When it was time to get picked up they were always so proud to show off their wonderful crafts and share stories of the fun morning they had. The teachers are very genuine, love what they do and work hard on a wonderful curriculum. We are very impressed with the whistle stop preschool and would recommend it to any parent!


Our son attends Whistle Stop Preschool.  He started last April and we are so grateful for this service in our community.  With living in the country we don’t have the same amenities which cities have and so often have to rely on lots of travel to accommodate most services.  In the country it’s not like you go twenty feet next door to your neighbors and say hey do your children want to play with ours.  In a lot of cases your neighbors are far and few between and children of the same age aren’t usually within walking distance.  Whistle Stop enables our son to build relationships with others while teaching him the essentials of sharing, playing, conversation, understanding and listening.  He attends three times a week for two and a half hours each day.  The close proximity and great facility makes it a perfect experience for our son and us.  His favorite questions are “school today?  Play with kids?”  The excitement and fun he gets from being there is irreplaceable and means so much to him.  As for us the convenience of the location is great, and the ability it gives us to have a couples times a week for us to have our own time is very welcoming.  The Preschool means so much to our family in so many ways, I couldn’t imagine him not having this opportunity.

Cameron & Tonya T

The Whistle Stop Preschool is a wonderful caring place located in the heart of our community.  As a parent, having such a safe, friendly, and positive environment for my children to attend has been so amazing.  The Whistle Stop Preschool has taught my children how to socialize with kids their own age, to take turns, to show respect to their peers and to follow instructions.  My sons integration into kindergarten was seamless thanks to the wonderful teachers who helped give him the confidence to ask questions, to explore his interests and to follow classroom expectations.

Past parent

The teachers passion and dedication, and the great parent community at Whistle Stop is what attracted me to their program.  It is amazing to see the parents come together to create that positive learning experience for their children. Whistle Stop prepared my son for the future in a way that  truly developed his love for learning.  And on top of that, Whistle Stop brought me into a positive, diverse community that my family will be connected to for a long time to come.

Past parent